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Phil Allcock

Author and Copywriter

Stories Of The Realm

Once I had decided that I wanted to write a full-length book, for some mad reason, I decided to start with a fantasy trilogy. I blame it all on Tolkien!

The three volumes of ‘Stories of the Realm’ follow the adventures of the half-elven twins, Kess and Linnil, as they go in search of a stolen sceptre, forged by the Creator of the Realm, Elsinoth. It’s a story of hope, faith and love - and along the way, the twins meet both friends and foes - and have to face and overcome their own fears and failings.

Written for young adults, the books have now been revised and updated and are available on Amazon as both e-books and paperbacks. You can find them here.

One day, perhaps, I might write a sequel. Perhaps another trilogy. Hmm…